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Accessible Home Health Care of Kenya

The Leading Provider of Medical and Non Medical Home Health Care Services

Accessible's success is embedded in our commitment to offer the best caregivers that "provide compassionate care from the heart" and are "Compassionate Companions". We are cognizant of the reality that the aide our patients receive is directly dependent on the commitment of our caregivers, thus we hire experienced caregivers who have a passion for caring. Our caregivers believe in and adopt our "Caregivers Ten Commandments", the cornerstone of success for all our "Compassionate Companions".

  • Home Health Services

    We provide Medical/Non-Medical Home Health Care to all age groups From newborns to seniors. "AccessEdge"© provides the foundation To Guarantee "Compassionate Care From The Heart" to our patients. Our team will develop your Plan of Care jointly with your health care team.

  • Our Caregivers

    At Accessible, we provide the most compassionate care to all individuals - from newborns to seniors. With our dedicated and committed professionals, our experienced team of caregivers are supported by our diligent Support Staff making them the best in the industry.


  • Access Edge

    "AccessEdge"© gives Accessible Home Health Care© the confidence to guarantee the quality of care we provide everyday to all of our patients. "AccessEdge"© embodies all that gives Accessible Home Health Care© the edge in home health care in providing the compassionate care from the heart to all of our patients. "AccessEdge"© empowers Accessible Home Health Care© to provide the best care our patients deserve.


  • Why Accessible Home Health Care?

    Accessible's professional team has extensive experience in the health industry and is committed to be there with "Compassionate Care" during your days of need:

    We provide "Compassionate Care From The Heart"

    We provide 24/7 medical and non-medical services

    We provide seniors and elders with experienced, trained and screened caregivers

    We provide patients with their own "Bill Of Rights"

    We are an approved provider to over 50 network insurance providers and 3rd party payment sources

    We will assist you in determining all home health care insurance benefits available"


  • Accessible Home Health Care Management Service.

    Services are designed to meet specific health care needs. Accessible Care Management encompasses a wide range of support services, which may include:

    In-depth care management consultation with a specialist for elders & seniors

    Professional assessment of the client's situation and needs

    Personalized care plans and strategies that address changes in health care or with health care providers

    Hands-on advocacy to secure entitlements and quality of care


  • AccessSuperiorKare Program

    We believe caring for another means going above and beyond to provide the most compassionate, comprehensive in home care possible. In order to make sure that our caregivers are providing the best in home care, we created our AccessSuperiorKare Program, or ASK. Our program clearly outlines our goals and guidelines for providing the best care in home services to our patients.


You have the right to be 100% satisfied

with home health care you receive